Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Corporate Photo Booth Poses Part 1

Photo booth poses are super fun and give guests a chance to get creative and be silly. Don’t be shy in front of the camera because if you don’t like your photos, you can always retake them with our retake photo feature. 

The Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne and the Roaming Pylon Photo Booth are great photo booth choices when planning your next corporate event! 

15 Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Poses Ideas

1.   Blow A Kiss

Pucker up your lips and use your hand to pretend you are blowing a kiss.

2.    Look Away From The Camera

You can look anywhere you like except at the photo booth camera.

3.  3D Photo

Have everyone in this photo wearing 3d glasses.

4.   The Supermodel

Pose like a supermodel in three different model poses.

5.   Pretend Fight

Pretend you are fighting with a friend with your fists up like a boxer.

6.   Fake Selfie

Lean in towards the camera and extend your arms to make it look as if you are taking a selfie photo.

7.   Shh!

Point your second finger next to your thumb up and place it over your lips. This is a classic pose, but to give it a bit of a twist, do it to someone else taking a photo with you in the booth.

8.   Nutbush

Use dance moves from the Nutbush song to create your poses.

9.   The Robot

Use dance moves for poses as if you were a robot.

10.  The Ninja

Kick like a ninja would in the movies.

11.  Totem Pole

You will need at least three people or more to do this photo, but get everyone in a straight line behind each other and start with the shortest closest to the camera and tallest at the back.

12.  Crowded Photo

See how many guests you can fit in one photo.

13.  Piggyback Ride

The name says it all, but have one strong guy and have another person hop on their back.

14.   Group Holding Hands

Everyone in the group holds hands for this photo.

15.  Surprise Kiss

Give someone else joining in on the photo a surprise kiss on the cheek or lips.


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