Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne Corporate Photo Booth Poses Part 2

Part 2 of my Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne corporate blogs. It’s all about having fun while taking pictures, so try some or all of these poses out.

1.    The K Pop Heart In Hands

This pose is found in Asian movies or video clips where a hand from a girl and a hand from a guy is brought together to form a beautiful heart shape. If you would like to take this a step further, you can kiss your partner on the cheek while making the heart shape.

2.   Blow Kisses and Catch Them  

This is a simple couple photo where one person blows kisses while the other person catches them.

3.   The Group Photo With Props

Nice and simple! A group of people in a photo wearing props

4.   Random Kiss

Find someone you just met at the event and kiss them while taking a photo.

5.   Who’s The Boss

This is done where the girls, in a playful way, pulls the guy’s tie

6.   Cake by The Photo Booth

Grab some cake and take a bite while getting your photo taken

7.   Confused

Look confused in your three photos. For extra fun, try using props

8.   Too Cool For School

A photo with a group of mates where one person folds their arms and acts as if they are too cool for school. Others can do the pull the jacket move or the brushing of the hair move.

9.  Blame It On The Boogie

This one is done over three photos with three different poses. The first is, don’t blame it on the sunshine. The second is don’t blame it on the moonlight, and the third is don’t blame it on the good times. Just as if you were doing the dance to this Jackson 5’s hit.

10.  Jump Shot

Jump in the air with your arms out and your feet out. It has to be timed with a camera taking the picture.

11.  Mad Hatter

Stack as many hats as you can on your head and take photos.

12.  Corporate logo

Find an object that has your corporate logo on it and bring it to the photo booth for your photos.

13.  The Hop

Stand on one foot with your other leg up behind you to look like you are hopping in the photo.

14.   The Superheroes

Every person in the photo uses a different superhero prop.

15.  Cheers To That Bubbly Photo

Two or more people. Each with a drink and person touching another glass. All say “Cheers”.

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