Mirror Photobooth Melbourne – Best Photo Booth in Melbourne

Reimagine how your event would be a landslide hit with the Mirror Photo Booth in the mix! Spanning hundreds of events, legions of satisfied clients and a sea of overjoyed crowd, the Mirror Photo Booth remains the superb choice of lavishly striking photo entertainment in town.

Words spread that the Mirror Photo Booth remains an unrivalled and unparalleled choice for every event as previous clients and new ones can’t stop gushing over its premier brand of quality and sophistication.

Here are the bright key points why the Mirror Photobooth Melbourne is the best Photo Booth:

  • Different styles and setups for any theme – Everyone has seen the gold and silver frames but wait till your eyes gaze upon our other stunners, the rustic with picket fences and grass carpet. The timber frame can go with other elements, too, or you could let it be by itself. Or the black frame that portentously hollers elegance. So if it is a casual or formal event, a corporate or intimate one, and a birthday party to a wedding, the Mirror Booth is styled fit for your fancy.
  • Unlimited sessions/prints in every package – If you ought to choose whichever package, it is no gimmick, the Mirror Photo Booth would not cut on the number of prints you want. In fact, you can decide to even have retakes and have as many photographs as you want and can actually send thru SMS.
  • We give digital prints after the event (photo layouts and single raw photos) – Even raw copies that are untouched, we send them out to see the single shot and those in the printed layout. In addition, we have customised photo layouts that will make each of the photos pop out exclusively for your event.
  • Socially engaging – We update and upgrade our games, literally, that from the classic mannequin, screaming games, pong games, tic-tac-toe, we also have the shell games and the all-time favourite wheel of fortune that is up a few notches more with steel face, kissy face etc. So be it, you might be donned with Morticia Addams’ all-black ensemble, to ho-ho all the way red Santa Suit, cocktail outfit to black-tie this photo booth keep the fun going on every occasion.
  • True to Life- Our Augmented Reality with Santa or Halloween characters are an excellent addition to your event. 
  • Refine your looks- Though you doused your face with products and still see the puffiness of your eyes, you can learn a few pointers on making your visage look suitable with photo filters, whatever occasion may it be.
  • Pre-made so you would never have to run out of ideas- Perfectly curated animations and features are built-in so you never have to wonder what fits and otherwise for a birthday, bar mitzvah, Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Ball as the Mirror Photo Booth gives out its best for each event.

All year round, whatever event is indicated on your invites, the Mirror Photo Booth is the best booth for all of these. Our Mirror Booth will give you the best photo entertainment to achieve a successful and fun event! 

Have our Mirror Photobooth Melbourne at your next event, we guarantee that you and your guests will have so much fun!

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We service Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula and other parts of Victoria