Photo Booth Melbourne – 7 Popular Halloween Ideas

  • Classic Halloween Theme 

Nothing can beat a simple yet classic Halloween party theme that comes with skeletons, vampires, witches and monsters with a spider web, bats or black cats around the house. Nothing is spookier as you get back to the basic ideas. It might be simple, or the traditional costume such as wearing pure black OOTDs with a skeleton paint on the body, wearing your famous Dracula outfit, and make sure not to forget your FAAAANGS! Make it more realistic by wearing your best make-up to scare the crowd.

  • Angels and Demons 

Looking for another fun Halloween theme? Get ready to choose whether you are an angel or a demon. Divide your party space into heaven and hell. Be that sweet angel with your white and furry wings or the fallen angel with your Lucifer inspired outfit. Don’t forget the little demons wearing the classic black devil look. Can’t decide which one are you? Be both naughty and nice at the same time!

  • Dress Like Mon-STAR 

Dreaming of becoming a movie star? Dress up with your Hollywood inspired dress as you become the “rich and famous” on the floor. Be the supervillain like Harley Quinn with your pigtails, white make-up, ripped white and red shirt partnered with pants with fishnets. Don’t forget the red lipstick to seal the deal. You can also be a classic chic as Audrey Hepburn, or into details as the King of Style Michael Jackson. 

  • Halloween Masquerade 

Be elegant and classy as you put on your mask along with your black or white evening gown and your tuxedo. 

  • Disney Character theme 

The all-time favourite for families. This timeless theme is wholesome and suitable for any age. Become a royalty as you become a prince, Disney princess or a villain. 

  • Wild Wild West 

The cowboy and sexy cowgirl look never get out of style. Get ready with your blue jeans, shirt, boots, leather belt, and a cowboy hat as you suit up.

  • Travel through Time 

Celebrate a time that you missed. Choose between the disco era of the 70s and say hello to John Travolta, the Generation X of the 80s with the extreme fashion of big hairs and loud colours, or the trendy 90s with crop tops, pants and flannels.

Halloween is a fun way to bond with families and friends, be sure to capture the moment so you can look back with great smiles and fond memories too. Wouldn’t it be great to have a hassle-free way of collecting memories by posing on our Photo Booth Melbourne and having it printed? 

Don’t miss the chance of showing off your spooky attire matched with props and decorations on your next themed-corporate event. The photo booth also lets you have a digital copy directly sent to your phone–A night of fun and fright can be shared with the world!

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