• The Prom 

This pose is usually done when the guy wraps his hand on their partner from the back. A romantic gesture as you romantically smile on the camera. You can make it more exciting or unique as the ladies try to exchange position with their partner.

  • Side by Side

Together with your friend (gents and/or ladies) stand back-to-back or side-to-side to each other as you create cool pose such as arms cross while wearing your our sunstaches props or shades.

  • The Queens Shoot

Channel your inner beauty queen as you wear your best smile and own your crown and use the props provided as you re-enact the moment were the beauty queens wave their hand as they won the title. Grab a prop and strike a pose!

  • Heart Pose

Looking for another pose? The heart pose is not only for romantic partners; you can grab your best friend or any family member and extend your hand to form a big heart that will surely look good in any camera. 

  • No Evil pose…

 Trio or solo pose? You will surely want to do the popular “See no Evil” as you cover your eyes, “Hear no evil” covering your ears, and “Speak no evil “covering your mouth. 

  • We’re all in this together.

Grab all your friends and create a cool or your wackiest pose using the props provided and compress yourself as you pose in front of the camera. 

  • The duck (pout) Face

The classic duck face will surely not go outdated, grab a friend or be in a solo as you show your duck/pout face while facing the camera. 

  • The Johnny Bravo pose

Gents show your gym body or masculinity as you flex your muscles and do the pose of the popular cartoon character Johnny Bravo to attract ladies at the party. 

  • The Third wheel 

Everybody experience being the third wheel, why not put it to more fun and exciting pose using the props provided. Grab our props and be the creative third wheel of the year as you do all the annoying poses beside the couple and let the camera capture it for you. 

  • BYOB (Bring your drink into the booth) 

Enjoying drinking? No date? Bring your drink in a glass or in a bottle into the booth as your date and show your different shades of you when you are drunk and show it on the camera. Be careful not to spill your drinks!

  • You may now kiss the bride/groom.

Gather two of your bridesmaids/groomsmen or any family member and let them sandwich the bride/groom by kissing them on the cheeks as you pose in front of the camera.

Have our Photo Booths Melbourne at your next event and try this different poses in front of our Mirror Booth and Pylon Roaming Booth, we guarantee that you and your guests will have so much fun!

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