Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne – Your Perfect Corporate Photo Entertainment

Under the scrutiny of a high-end microscope, every minute detail of the eye is magnanimously seen – cornea, iris, pupil and retina; we perceive the world around us with it. But as much as we don’t dwell on what makes it up, we figure it for its wholeness.

Just the same, we may have seen the Mona Lisa that has roused our curiosity and been enamoured by the lady’s enigmatic smile, but we haven’t had a more profound appreciation for its composites and roots.

And with social events, too, we only take a glimpse of the full-length picture other than its derivatives.

But with the Photo Mosaic Wall, there is an unabridged feature of both the entirety and the slices of each moment of corporate events.

There are seven reasons why people vie for Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne as the latest in photo entertainment, especially for corporate events. 

These are:

  • Built-in genius – It is not like a colossal piece of work like a jigsaw puzzle where you have to cumbersomely toil, putting each piece together as it runs for days. The Photo Mosaic Wall has an embedded algorithm that predetermines where each part is adjoined and estimates how many pictures that depends upon the event duration or the size of the mosaic wall; to complete the master photo. 
  • Fetch and Feature Photos– we know that corporate people are one hell of a busy bunch of people; the photos are fetched from Twitter, photo booths and even from the DSLR camera of the roaming photographer. The images are uploaded and featured on the photo mosaic wall and printed both in real-time, giving a 2×2 sticker photo.
  • Tiles for posting – no one would have to miss the canapés or the main course, or the awards of appreciation as once the photo printouts are produced, one is given a clear cut idea of where to post the picture.
  • No one is missing out on what’s in store for the party– as pictures could be featured physically and digitally after the event, chances are they could also be shared.
  • There is a recognition given to the whom the best photo belongs– sure, there are many awards line up for the evening of the corporate event, but the Photo Mosaic Wall also celebrates truly divine photos. And the highlighted photo hailed as the best one goes to…
  • Green screen and easily located photos – one of the exalted features of the Photo Mosaic Wall is that if the profound choice background hasn’t crossed your mind yet, the green screen could make up a good backdrop for you that is also in harmony with the main image. Also, if you happen to like to see where’s yours in the myriad of pictures, it could briefly find yours.
  • Your brand, your stage – more than showing how grateful you are as head honcho to those people who helped and propelled your company where it is right now, a subtle and convincing way to make your mark is to finish up with the logo of your company as the master or main image of the Photo Mosaic. There is both recognition and recall without going overboard for onlookers, stakeholders, clients and partners.

 The Photo Mosaic wall has been the ultra-game changer, and if you haven’t noticed yet, trade shows, charity events, product launches etc., has never been the same upon and with its arrival. Yours could be the next big thing if you happen to book one now.

Have our Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne at your next event, we guarantee that you and your guests will have so much fun!

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