Roaming Photo Booth – A Unique and Perfect Photo Booth for Your Event

You want to throw in some gratifying and diverting experience for your attendees at your next corporate event? The thing is, your venue choice is either a restaurant rooftop or the office itself. Lucky you if you have a space large enough, like a warehouse or vast area where you could like dance and sing along with your peers. But what if you have limited space for a photo booth?

So here’s the deal, even if the expanse is finite, you can still manage to house your corporate event and have jubilant photo entertainment with the Pylon Roaming Photo Booth. 

The Pylon Booth is a unique and perfect photo booth for any corporate event, be it fundraising, Christmas parties, annual party, product launching and other events, as its ravishing features can match or even outplay its predecessors.

Here are seven things you ought to remember about the Pylon Roaming Photo Booth sensation:

  • It may be petite, but it entertains real big – It usually comes in colours black and has a sleek frame that can take on any space from a small venue to an open area but still manages to deliver the same dazzling performance. So no wonder that more and more patrons choose it over the others.
  • Superb Photo Quality – The highest photo quality you can get from an iPad plus the brightest pure white output of a circular LED light makes an incredible combination of quality photos.
  • Portability – Before the dawn of electronic banking and online money transactions, people prefer paper money over coins. Why? Because of the fact that the former is easy to carry. Just like the Pylon Photo Booth, the next best thing over mounted and photo booth with stand is that one can get to where the action takes place – with durable hand straps, the Pylon Booth can do just that while being held by an attendant. Portable indeed.
  • Fantastic app with animations – Our Photo Booth is coupled with high-res animations with live view so you can pose before the photo is taken. 
  • Not plain as vanilla– It comes with games for socialisation, boomerang effect, stand out presets that says this photo booth is dope whatever event there is from Graduation Balls, weddings, children’s party, mall events but of course any type of corporate events.
  • More than GIFs, amaze with augmented reality – There are lovely animations for every corporate event, but you could also grab some great augmented reality effects to liven up your photo booth entertainment.
  • A witty way to subtly promote your brand and business – You can request to have your logo or brand incorporated in the layout of the photo. Campaign and share photos via social media; this is an effective way to make your business or brand reach a lot of audiences.

Don’t be fooled by the exterior; as they say, a lot of big surprises come in small packages -and the same is true with the Pylon Photo Booth, the best photo booth for countless corporate events across Melbourne and Victoria! 

Have our Roaming Photo Booth Melbourne at your next event, we guarantee that you and your guests will have so much fun!

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